Compliance Cares Series

Free series to address relevant compliance challenges you are facing in this pandemic delivered in brief videos (under 15 minutes).  The videos cover a range of topics - from helping with member needs to getting the credit union back on track after the storm passes.
Topics include:
  • Helping Employees through Crisis
  • Governance and Financial Impact
  • Lending in Hard Times
  • Cybersecurity and Scams
  • Working Remotely Tips
  • Top Questions Credit Unions are Asking
  • Recruiting in a Crisis
  • And more 

For additional resources, see our COVID-19 Resources page
You will need to register with email on the site, but there is no fee or payment information required to access the videos on demand.


Getting Back to "Normal"
Getting Back to "Normal" - Knocking COVID-19 Out of the Workplace
34 mins
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Dealing with Delicate Member Issues
Sheri Laboe with Brad Willett & Amy Wargo - Deceased Member Issues and Best Practices
17 mins
Sample Deceased Member Procedure Checklist
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CUNA's Blog on Stimulus Funds Deposit
165 KB
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Governance and Financial Impact
Brandi Stankovic & Eric Schornhorst - Governance & Financial Impact
25 mins
Governance Checklist for Pandemic Strategy Planning
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CARES Act: Paycheck Protection Program
Kenneth Leonard - Paycheck Protection Program
19 mins
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Strategic Hotbox: The New Normal with Liz Winninger
Strategic Hotbox: Resilience with Nicole Brusewitz
Strategic Hotbox: Surviving Disaster with Juli Lewis
Lending in Hard Times
Amy Wargo - Lending in Hard Times
8 mins
114 KB
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Cybersecurity and Scams
Brad Willett - Cybersecurity and Scams
12 mins
Amy Wargo & Brad Willett - Scams, Part 2
21 mins
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Helpful Links
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Fees and Limits During Hard Times
Brad Willett - Fees and Limits During Hard Times
6 mins
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Helping Employees
Amanda Kotsilidis - Helping Employees
16 mins
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Bonus Content - Credit Union Insights: COVID-19 Best Practices Webinar
58 mins
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Working Remotely
Melia Heimbuck - Tips for Working Remotely
4 mins
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Recruiting in a Crisis
Eric Schornhorst with Angott Search Group - Recruiting In A Crisis
20 mins
116 KB
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Top Questions Answered
Sarah Stevenson - Top Questions
7 mins
107 KB
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About the Presenters
Amanda Kotsilidis
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Brandi Stankovic, Ed.D.
3.65 MB
Eric Schornhorst, CPA
669 KB
J.T. Westendorf
3.56 MB
Kenneth Leonard, MBA
25.5 KB
Mark Angott
2.96 MB
Melia Heimbuck, Esq. CUDE
568 KB
Sarah Stevenson
379 KB
Sheri Laboe, CUCE BSACS
114 KB
Additional Resources and Products
AffirmX Risk Intel Platform
66.5 KB
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CUVM, Vendor Management
49.9 KB
Strategic Planning
46.4 KB
Compliance Consulting
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